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Sri Yantra Gold 24K Plated Tool

Sri Yantra Gold 24K Plated Tool

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Sri Yantra Lotus  is a 3.4 inch (9 cm) diameter handcrafted Tool that is Gold 24k plated.

The Sri Yantra is one of the most powerful and auspicious symbols, is usually used for meditation.The diagram consists of 9 isosceles triangles that intersect with each other, 4 facing upwards, to represent Shiva, male essence, and 5 facing down, to represent Shakti, the feminine essence.
The triangles give rise to 43 subsidiary triangles, the center of the smallest of which there is a point called Bindu.

The Sri Yantra is the yantra of the creative energy of the cosmos. By using the Sri Yantra, you acquire abundance, peace and harmony. It helps to overcome obstacles and promotes growth, both spiritual and material.

It is used as an object of meditation because it represents the many levels of consciousness. represents the creative principle of the universe, the continuous unfolding of the realms of creation from a central source, man's spiritual journey from the stage of material existence supreme enlightenment.
The central point called bindu, is the source of creation. the surrounding geometry representing the realms of creation, is framed by the leaves of the lotus, the symbol of enlightenment. The four rectangles are outside the gates of knowledge. The yantra is designed to provide a vision of the totality of existence, so that we can internalize its symbols for the eventual realization of unity with the cosmos.

Each Tool comes with a pouch for you to carry your tool.

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