About Us

Welcome to Healing Energy Tools,
your number one source for high quality handcrafted meditation pyramids. Ascension is about lifting, balancing and harmonizing your vibrational patterns so that the many facets of your Divine Self can descend and take dominion within your Sacred Heart core. As you delve more deeply into the wisdom of the cosmos, it is of vital importance that you maintain a state of mindful awareness.
After our experience using pyramids and a thorough analysis of the best way to build our energetic pyramids, we have managed to produce a unique handcrafted mobile pyramid. Our meditation pyramids are handmade to the scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, a structure that continues to astound researchers with its mysterious energies and unfathomable potential.
Every pyramid is unique and handcrafted with love from scratch. We use the highest quality of pure earthly metals which hold holistic benefits, we handcraft the pyramids, and we do the plating. Check out our meditation pyramids for more information. Gold, Silver and Brass have been known as “healers” since ancient times, there were only seven metals known, which corresponded to the number of planets that people knew. It was thought that metals were formed in Earth’s interior under the influence of celestial bodies. They attributed metals to each celestial body. Gold was attributed to the Sun, Tin to Jupiter, Silver to the Moon, Iron to Mars, Mercury to Mercury, Brass to Saturn and Copper to Venus. Pyramids have been used for thousands of years to raise vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels and they have many more uses including energizing, balancing and strengthening.

Our mission is to see more people using pyramids around the world and raise the vibration on planet earth nowadays. Silence is loaded with answers.

We create beautiful life transformational Sacred Geometric tools for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent, increasing intuition and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

Namaste ॐ

Raise your Vibration with Pyramid Energy, reduce your stress and anxiety,
feel more peaceful and relaxed, gain perceptual clarity,
feel greater joy and confidence, increase your energy with a  Meditation Pyramid