Ankh Meditation


Ankh Meditation is a practice using  the mantra “ankh ba”. This mantra can be translated “The soul lives”, meaning that the soul is a living reality that we are meant to experience here on earth, thereby bringing feelings of profound joy, aliveness and love into our daily life. To do the meditation, repeat the mantra “ankh ba” (either out loud or mentally) while simultaneously focusing your attention on the point midway between your eyebrows. If you can sense the chakra in this area, you will get somewhat better results by focusing on the chakra itself-however, it is enough to focus your attention on the surface of the skin midway between the eyebrows. If your attention wanders from either the mantra or the between-the-eyebrows point, then gently bring it back.The emphasis is on refocusing your attention, not trying to drive out other thoughts..To get the best results from this meditation, it is recommended that you do it at least 3 times per week. It is also suggested that you meditate for at least 20 minutes per time. Most people reach a point of diminishing returns after about 45 minutes, however it is safe to do the meditation for as long as you want because the energies that the meditation brings in will temporarily shut off if you start to overcharge yourself.

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