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Rose Gold Meditation Pyramid

Rose Gold Meditation Pyramid

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Rose Gold Meditation Pyramid is a 9 inch brass base handcrafted head pyramid that is Rose Gold plated. Rose Gold is made from Gold 24K, Silver 950 and Copper .

Our meditation head pyramids are handmade to the scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, a structure that continues to astound researchers with its mysterious energies and unfathomable potential. Every pyramid is unique and handcrafted with love from the scratch, we choose the metals, we handcraft the pyramids, and we do the plating.

Why to choose a Rose Gold plated Meditation Pyramid:

Rose Gold is an excellent high level amplifier and electrical conductor, especially on Solar plexus and Heart Chakra. Positively charged with warming sun energy. Often worn by teachers/healers, especially after much self-healing. Rose or Pink = Gold + Copper + Silver. Combines sun and moon’s energy. It is a great regenerator, helping one renew oneself. Works on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. It benefits the nervous system and improves the ability of the nerves to transmit information in the most efficient manner. Helps the brain work more efficiently. To those who use minerals, metals and crystals for healing Rose Gold symbolizes the purity of spirit and they attribute the power of cell regeneration, energy conductivity, communication transmission and energy purification to the metal. Rose Gold spurs the regeneration of neurotransmitters in both lobes of the brain and creates a balance of brain function between creative and logical thought. It also benefits the nerves with its ability to improve the flow of information through the body. In the world of spiritual healing, Rose Gold has the emotional power to ease tension, feelings of inferiority, an anger as well as encouraging the realization of one’s potential and bringing comfort. Rose Gold Pyramid is the perfect tool for deep spiritual meditative state.

Pyramids have been used for thousands of years to raise vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels and they have many more uses including energizing, balancing and strengthening.

When Pyramids worn as a hat, have a strong ionization effect within the body.

Here how it works: Negative ions enhance the oxygen intake of the human body and through that, strengthen, concentration and capacity of the human being activates.Pyramids balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the pineal and pituitary glands. The endocrine glands of the body are activated through the vibration of the electrical precursing field of pyramids. This balances the precursing energy field around the endocrine glands and makes expanded consciousness.

Rose Gold Meditation Pyramid benefits may include:

Builds negative (good) ions
Strengthens meridians
Enhancing emotional clarity
Releases energy blockages and aligns the energy centers
spiritual meditative state
Increases concentration
Protects from radiation
Experience deep relaxation

Pyramid Energy can be used in a million ways. Pyramids can be placed around your space to clear, activate, transmute energy, for clearing and protecting. They can be used for healing. Great for Chakra energy work. Place them over the Chakras or areas of the body where energy needs to be transmuted.Anywhere where there is a pyramid, energy won’t become stagnant.

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