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Metatrons Merkaba Necklace

Metatrons Merkaba Necklace

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Metatron’s MerKaBa Necklace handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver

Metatron’s Merkaba is a six-pointed star sacred geometric design with the Merkaba Symbol. The perfect combination of the Metatrons harmony and balance of nature with the MerKaBa.

The meaning of the word, “Merkaba” is ancient and it carries great energy of Spiritual transformation. Mer means Light, Ka means The Spirit and Ba means The Body.

The Merkaba Star is a combination of two star tetrahedrons – one pointing up to the heavens, channeling energy down from the Universe to the earth plain, and one pointing downwards, drawing energy up from the earth beneath.

The MerKaBa is the Light Body vehicle, and it is the key to understanding how to move from one dimension or level to another. It is the divine light vehicle used by Ascended Masters to connect with, and reach those in tune with the higher realms. When this shape is activated, you are in a place of complete protection, with the surrounding energy being generated from pure Divine Love.

Metatron’s Merkaba Necklace is assists in healing and protection. It protects against accidents. It cuts through opposing vibrations, thoughts, words and actions. It strengthens the mind and magnetic field and keeps negativity away. Metatron’s Merkaba Necklace is perfect piece for activation of the Light Body merged with the Physical Body in Awakening Deep Spiritual Transformation.

Comes with a Sterling Silver Chain

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