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Golden Ratio Fibonacci Tool Gold 24k plated

Golden Ratio Fibonacci Tool Gold 24k plated

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Golden Ratio Fibonacci is a handcrafted Tool that is Gold 24k plated.

Everything is geometric. Everything can be measured on a geometric scale, even energy, light, and frequency. From the void (null set) to the vesica piscis to the seed of life to the flower of life to fractal cosmology, the universe is constantly changing.

The Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden rectangle, is the basis for some of nature's most amazing creations. Besides being useful for art, architecture, financial market analysis, and various data algorithms, it is also spectacularly beautiful.

The Golden Spiral is found in everything from the arms of spiral galaxies to the pattern of leaves on a sunflower stem to the shape of a nautalis shell. It is even postulated to be the measure of the spiral in strands of DNA.

In terms of sacred geometry, even buildings of great antiquity demonstrate the Golden Ratio. In the Great Pyramid, the shape of the King's Chamber is a Golden Rectangle. Some contend this to be coincidence -- a product of the natural stability of shapes that exhibit the Golden Ratio. That may satisfy some that the pyramid builders had no knowledge of the Golden Ratio, but it also denotes the inherent sacredly of the number, that it should be the best ratio for all structures, complex or otherwise.

The Golden Ratio is truly the Macrocosm within the Microcosm; the universe in the shell of a snail.


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