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Alchemy Gold 24k Plated Tool

Alchemy Gold 24k Plated Tool

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Alchemy Quintessence Tool is a 3.3 inch (8,5 cm) diameter pocket size handcrafted Tool that is Gold 24k plated

Alchemy is both the transmutation of common metals into gold and the universal panacea symbolizing the evolution from an imperfect, diseased, corruptible, and ephemeral state towards a perfect, healthy incorruptible, and everlasting state; in other words, the evolution from ignorance to enlightenment.

Quintessence (Hermetic Seal of Light) Based on the ancient Pythagorean philosophy, the Alchemical symbol of Quintessence is considered to be the synthesis of alchemy and also referred to as the Hermetic Seal. It contains the triangle, the circle and the square that represent the spirit, soul and body, all the elements essential for alchemical transformation. The Hermetic alchemy uses the subtle fires of human body, including sexuality and love as powerful tools for spiritual development, while transmuting the physical body matter into purer forms of energy. 

The Alchemy Tool is a perfect representation of spirit, matter, time and space, consciousness and unity. It is an amazing tool for success, healing, personal development and  transformation.

Each Tool comes in a gift box and with a pouch for you to carry your tool in.


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