You Are Your Creator

You Are Your Creator


Have you taken the time to breathe in the light?

Many of you tell yourself that you must do this or that before you enhance your being with the most recent light energies of love and creation.

Step one to any creation is knowing you deserve what you wish. Perhaps that thought does not seem that difficult for you feel you deserve the best of everything. We beg to differ.

You are at a place in which all you desire is waiting to be created. But then, waiting is the operative word in most of your creation statements.

Perhaps you learned that you must chant something, purchase a creation package or meditate in a certain way. All of which are important steps for the person who created their dreams as a result of those actions, but not at all for you if you have not yet created the life you wish to have.

It is time for you to put aside all lessons learned – whether your own or the messages of others – to realize you, and only you hold the key to your creations. And it is time to ask yourself what piece you have not yet connected to within yourself. For this is a time of creation with the enhancement of the ongoing energy waves of self-love.

Most likely, you have yet to tap into the piece within you that declares you are not worthy of self-love, of self-creation. That you must pray more, act more loving or clear more within you – anything, you can think of to stop yourself from creating your dream life.

Many have even used world chaos to hide your true self. For in your outer beliefs, you cannot create the life of your dreams while the earth is in chaos. And if you did, how can you believe that such a life would continue following the destruction of all earth structures?

You procrastinate in your dream creations to care for earth or others, so you do not need to look within.

Is this procrastination not similar to the beliefs many of you had when you initiated you transition? “I have no part in this pain so after I leave my job, spouse, community, or nation, I will finally be happy enough to create the life I want.” A concept you learned was the opposite required for your new you transition. So it is now.

Look within, not outside yourself for your path to a joyful life. No one can create or even help you create the life of your dreams. You are the one and only creator in your life.

What parts of your being are withholding joy from you? And why is such so?

Perhaps you believe you cannot answer those questions because you are not yet skilled enough to look within without assistance.

Of course, you are able to look within and have always been able to – you merely did not believe you could in 3D, so you created a barrier to your inner world. Once you were of 5D, you became even more skilled at self-observation, of looking within. Who are you? What makes you happy? What stops you from creating that happiness? And so it continues with questions you will create to unlock your path to happiness.

You are as skilled in the creative realms as any guru or New Earth instructor. You merely do not wish to acknowledge that to yourself for that would mean you are the creator of you.

Even though that last concept has been acknowledged by you for a number of years, you have not yet applied it to the extent that you now wish.

Granted, you have removed many, many fears within you that negated your forward movement in this transition. Now you are at a stationary point in which you have time to create the life you wish. Or the time to mull over world crises, family woes, community difficulties or any other issue that removes you from your inner-being.

Perhaps that thought makes you angry – which is wonderful. Why are you angry? Most likely, you are angry because you have no one to blame. Your karmic slate has been wiped clean. You have cleared those pieces that stopped or negated your transition efforts. You have climbed your mountain of fear and rolled down your hill of self-love. Now it is time to create big, small and in-between. And this current stationary point is your creation class.

You have learned through practice that others are not able to create for you – that something within you is stopping your joyful dreams. It is time to discover your hidden terror or stop point because the current energies flowing from the Universes are designed to enhance your creative skills.

Maybe you feel you do not yet love yourself enough or that you are not worthy of joy. Go within and discover why those pieces come to mind. Allow yourself to be an open book to and for yourself. There is nothing you can hide from yourself any longer for you have initiated self-love. It is when you do not love yourself that you hide pieces of yourself of which you are ashamed.

You are beyond shame and have been ever since your 5D crossing. Allow yourself to believe that, then begin your self-exploration. What is stopping you from being you? Only you can access that piece. And this is the time to do so for this is a time of creative energies.

Allow that to be. And allow yourself to grow in this time – not to caretake earth or others, but to caretake you. So be it. Amen.

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman

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