You Are Glorious

You Are Glorious

Who you are is unlimited potential. Who you are is a powerhouse, NOW. Everything that has been in your past is who you are NOW. It is alright. YOU are ALRIGHT. You are everything you can possibly be at this moment. You are glorious, and when you can accept that you are, think of the tomorrows you will create.

To be honest with others about who you are, to speak your truth, is to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is the most powerful place of being. It is that place where there can be no dissension. It is also the most fearful place for many of you, because you fear judgement. You fear that if you open your heart, someone will put a knife in it. The reality is that when you speak forth your truth you are really allowing the merging of hearts to take place, because vulnerability is irresistible. When you find that there is truly nothing to defend, your ego has taken a back seat and your heart is driving you to a place of non-separation.

There has always been somewhat of a fear within you of the unknown quality of limitlessness, of having no boundaries, of being infinite. However, we assure you that just as you have already expanded into your present state, which has now become quite familiar to you, so it will continue in this fashion. You truly have no limit and the Self of you is very comfortable with its own infinite divinity.

The purpose of life is to be a part of it, to be the creator of it, to illuminate it. There is no other destiny than to live and to allow yourself to be whatever you desire to be as life unfolds within you, moment to moment to moment. And in fulfilling that purpose, know that you have the unlimited freedom to become and do and be whatever you desire.

– P’taah

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