You are a Bringer of the Light

You are a Bringer of the Light

You are a Bringer of the Light, and your current lifetime will bring you absolutely everything you need to awaken to this sacred purpose.

You’ve elected to be here, during these times of vast, far-ranging energetic change, in order to make a considerable difference to the status quo. You’re here to literally hold and balance the Energies as they shift, flux and flood into our Earth Space.

You have a talent and a gift, or more than one, and your lives will be spent developing and honing these in order for the frequency of the planet to be transformed by you. You will touch other people’s lives, encourage them to open their hearts, free their minds and elevate their personal vibration. You will join with others who have come to do similar work as you, and you will have known these Souls for many, many Eons.

This lifetime may bring you through huge changes and shifts in your physical world and relationships. Every encounter you have, every karmic link you make, every place in which you find yourself is contributing purposefully to your Grand Awakening as the Light-Bringer that you are.

Many times these experiences feel very emotional and de-stabilising. Sometimes all that you know as safe and familiar is seemingly ripped away, or broken down before your eyes. Occasionally you are led, through unexpected meetings and events, to change almost every aspect of your life overnight.Every time these Divine Patterns assert themselves, your inner energetic Light Codes are fired up. Many Sacred Symbols awaken throughout your light body. Your memories of your Powerful, Divine, Regal and Sovereign Self are powerfully stirred. The Sacred Forces lead you forcefully towards conditions and people that have been sent to spark you up, fire you up, explode your inner codings and awaken your chakras into Life.

You must go where these energies take you, because you’ve agreed to walk this Path of Light. Often, the Path will feel so magnetically-charged that you will not be able to refuse it. You will feel, despite huge protestations from the Ego, incredibly and undeniably drawn to making the changes that Spirit is now calling in.

Your logical mind will scream, loudly. Not much will sometimes seem to make rational sense. Just keep noticing the signs and signals; be conscious of the synchronicity and Divine Hand in your life; and make very regular contact with the Higher Self, asking It to lead you to the most exalted planes.

You are a most Beloved Light Carrier, and all is now in Perfect and Divine Order for bringing your radiant Self into vibrant being.

– Sophie Bashford


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