Vibrations and Response

Vibrations and Response

Both the ancient sages and modern scientists agree that everything in life is formed of vibrations. We are told that vibration is the result of force or energy, concentrated in some mysterious way and caused to vibrate, shake or oscillate at different speeds. The difference between one object and another is ultimately a question of rate of vibration. It is the number and arrangement of the electron within an atom, and the varied cohesion of atoms into molecules, which go to make up these vibratory differences.

Low rates of vibration form the more static or visible objects; we might say that they send out only slow ripples; higher rates of motion, between the rapidly flying particles, form less tangible things such as gas. These particles intermingle rapidly with the air, but often they do not move sufficiently quickly to penetrate through solids. Vibrations of a relatively low frequency are known to us as sounds. Higher ranges are known as heat. Sound and heat are fine enough to pass through certain solids. We all know about the ripples or waves caused by sound. We also know about the electrical impulses, through the wireless, and we call them wave-lengths and know all their measurements.

We might picture the scale of vibrations as a vast keyboard, on which there are many octaves and different types of vibration and motion. One range of motion expresses itself as solid, liquid, and gaseous forms. Other ranges are perceived as sound, heat and those intangible things about which we know little.*

Above the octaves of sound would come those of light and color vibrations. The colors range from red—the lowest (vibrating at 451 million-million times per second with a wavelength of 36,918th of an inch)—up to Violet. We see this order of colors in the rainbow and in the spectrum. Above the Violet, color can no longer be seen by the eye, and we find the ultra-violet rays and the X-ray. It is here we begin to find vibrations that can penetrate through most solids. Higher up on the scale we find even finer wavelengths said to be on par with electrical impulses of human thought.

Apparently the vibrations of the mind can travel instantaneously many hundreds of miles, as in thought telepathy, passing through all solids which intervene. They have an intimate connection with electricity which, as we know, can travel round the world in a flash. Each thought is a vibration having a set wave-length!

How having placed sound, light and heat in their respective order as we know it, we must ask what they are and how we know they exist:

Had we and the animals no ears, what would sound be?
What we know as sound is only a small section of “octaves” on the large scale of vibrations transmitted to the brain via receivers in the ears. The human ear is successful only up until a certain point, beyond which it can receive no more. However, many animals hear vibrations which to us is no longer sounds at all.

Higher up on the keyboard than sound comes heat. Our skin contains little recievers to transmit these vibrations, to which the ear is no longer sensible. Farther up the scale, we still come to light and color – to which we have the optic nerves (eyes) for registering those vibrations to the brain. The eyes can only receive vibrational information up until violet, the higher vibrations pass through the eye lens.

The question now arises — Have we any organs which can deal with those higher vibrations?

These last vibrations are so fine, that they use the ether as their vehicle instead of the heavier air particles. The ether is the indefinable substance in which this Earth and all of the atoms of the air are supported. The finest vibrations which we have yet considered are within the realm of electrical and magnetic phenomena. These are the forces which man also contains within himself, and which can be ultilized through the mind.


Let us inquire about the organ we have with which to register these particular vibrations, embracing the radiations and emanations which come under the general term psychic. There are two small glands in the head which give doctors much cause for speculation, the Pituitary Body and the Pineal Gland.The former is a tiny, double bean-shaped body situated behind the root of the nose. It is posed so that it is very sensitive to vibrations. We know that:
In some way it is connected with nurture, body-building, and the nervous system.
If it is removed all organic function ceases.
If overdeveloped it produces Giantism, while if underdeveloped Dwarfism is the result.
The Pituitary Body has been called, “The Seat of the Mind”.
The frontal lobe is concerned with emotional thought, of the type which produces poetry and music.
The anterior lobe is connected with more concrete intellectual concepts.

The Pineal Gland is a tiny cone-shaped body in the middle of head, behind and just above the Pituitary. It contains pigment (DMT, Melatonin, Melanin), similar to that found in the eyes, and is connected by two nerve cords with the optic thalami; it is said to control the action of light upon the body, and for these reasons scientists have suggested that it is the remnant of a third physical eye. Men of learning have pronounced it to be the point in the human being where soul and body meet, “The Seat of Intuition”.

It is said that when, for specific reasons, the Pituitary Body and the Pineal Gland have become fully stimulated, their vibrations fuse and stir into life the mysterious ’Third Eye’ of man, the Eye of the Soul. Apparently this activity provides the mind with a perfect instrument with which to work, a transmitter by means of which vibrations of very differing types can be translated, interpreted and rearranged. Man can also become sensitive to the finer chemical magnetic emanations in the ether, and can ‘see’ the numberless thought-forms, entities and creatures, the endless complexities and types of life which make up a vast world of teeming energies which the limited capacity of ordinary physical sight is unable to register.

Of course there are some people who have this power today, but we do not understand its use nor how to train them properly, consequently their development is left to chance. Sometimes people use these powers without knowing what they are doing, nor what the result will be, as in the case of some forms of mental healing, based on ‘blind faith’. In curing some diseases, either by self-treatment or by a mental healer, the fine vibrations of the mind act on the lower vibrations of the diseased tissue. We know of many cases of ‘instantaneous’ healing. The mind has power over everything that it can understand and visualize.


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