The Seven Bodies

The Seven Bodies

As there are seven bodies, so there are also seven chakras, energy centers, and each chakra is connected in a special way with its corresponding body.

1. Physical Body:

The physical body is the anchoring point for your Higher Self to explore the mystery of your being within physicality. It is highly susceptible to programming transmitted through touch for several minutes after birth. It holds the memories of this and other lives.

2. Etheric or Astral Body:

The majority of karma, which is a constriction in the universal flow of energy formed by incorrect perception, is held in the astral body (only a small portion is in the physical body). It consists of bluish lines of light. It produces the acupuncture points and the major and minor chakras by the energy lines crossing each other. Where they cross seven times, there is an acupuncture point. Where they cross 13 times, there is a minor chakra point. Where they cross 20 times, there is a major chakra point. This body is linear and is located an inch out from the physical body.

3. Emotional Body:

It is the auric field. Past trauma is held in the first three bodies (the physical, astral and emotional bodies). Therefore, as we overcome our past and balance our sub-personalities, this body becomes clearer. It is a flowing field extending out about 14 inches from the physical body.

4. Mental Body:

As we balance the three minds, including the left and right brains, the mental body ceases to block access to the higher bodies. This body is linear and is located about 14 inches out from the physical body.

5. Spiritual Emotional Body:

When able to access this body, we begin living in eternal time, which aligns us with the intent of the Infinite. This body is a flowing field that extends about 19 inches out from the physical body

6. Spiritual Mental Body:

The information within this body contains the specifics regarding the blueprint for this lifetime. When access to this body is achieved, we start seeing from a cosmic perspective. We begin to see the innocence and value of each life as it mirrors to the Infinite either that which it is, or that which it is not. We see that there is no guilt so all judgment effortlessly dissolves. This body is linear and is located about 19 inches out from the physical body.

7. Spirit Body:

It is trillions of little fibers of light radiating out in all directions from the life force center. This is a ball of white light about the size of a grapefruit. In May 2007 it was moved from behind the belly button to the heart center in all humanity. Every living creature within the cosmos has a band of awareness among these light fibers within our spirit body. That is why we are the microcosm. This is the body shamans use to be able to shapeshift into animals or other forms; plus they use this body to access parallel realities. They move a point of illumination called the assemblage point. It is located an arm’s length behind the heart, and a little bit to the right. This body is a linear field radiating out from the center to an arm’s length from the physical body.


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