The Love Choice

The Love Choice

As a divine changemaker, you are hard-wired to dream big and persist when others have given up. Even in the most challenging times, deep within your bones is a knowing that somehow things will be okay. A part of you remembers that love is your true nature and that it will prevail even in the darkest of times. Continue reading to understand how to thrive by invoking the love choice in everyday life.

Energy Background

Current energies may be challenging you on a number of levels. Most likely you are feeling more on edge and perhaps more stressed even if you don’t realize it day to day. Old patterns and unconscious tendencies are being stirred by these energies. If you stay present and grounded, it will be easier to identify the old stuff and connect the dots between that and your current life situation.

Example: you may have a dream that’s difficult to understand. If after waking up with the dream you get grounded and inquire within about the dream, your consciousness can begin to reveal meanings. Presence and patience is required, as this type of dream work is a process rather than a linear moment of investigating. Avoid overthinking and demanding an instant understanding. Instead, let go and open yourself to the wisdom within you.

These are excellent moments to update your view of yourself, your life direction, and how you get your needs met in life. The New Moon this weekend can help you with this in a substantial way!

Two Phases of Rebirth

This New Moon offers a significant personal rebirth, as well as an initiation of a new cycle of higher consciousness for humanity. The next phase of rebirth occurs in August – when we have a powerful eclipse cycle including the rare total solar eclipse over the USA at the August 21 New Moon.

Working with the energies of this cycle can help prepare you for August. How do you do that? First is to remain aware of the energies and their potential to help you make a mega shift in your life. Second is to give yourself moments of reflection to better understand what you really want, why, and how you achieve it. If you think you already have these things sorted out, I suggest you look deeper to allow for spirit’s higher view. Third is what I’m calling the “love choice,” outlined below.

The Love Choice

The third preparation for your rebirth involves the love choice. This means living authentically from the love residing at your core. It means being love as you relate to yourself and others. This love is the energy you naturally house at your core. It is the energy that you want feeding you as you live your life.

You obviously acknowledge this. You naturally want this love energy in your life and to see it expressed within humanity. It goes without saying that you want to live in a world filled with love.

The challenge all of us face is being able to rise above our fear-based conditioning and unconscious motivations when we interact with ourselves and the world.

The love is definitely there at our core – it’s steady, stable and eternal in fact.

Consistently choosing and acting from that love, however, is not automatic. We must become actively involved and present to ourselves. Only in this state can we regularly choose love as our response.

From a spiritual perspective, the rebirth needed now is undoubtedly one that is honoring of what you as a soul are here now to express. That expression must be rooted in love for you to progress in the highest way.

Know that each challenge you have, including those arising in this unique cycle of time, can be a helpful catalyst for your mastery of the love choice.

Walk gently, then, with yourself and others. Be kind like you would be to a young child learning to walk.

Trust that with each step is progress towards the inevitable of being the enlightened divine changemaker you are destined to be. Know that you are loved and that your love lights up the world.

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