Spherical Consciousness

Spherical Consciousness

“I am expanding as a sphere, movement outward in all directions at an incredible rate. My vision is spherical. I can look within at the very smallest of all places and now without at the largest of all places.”

Norm Paulsen


Spherical consciousness is the experience of time that encompasses all. Present, here, now. The new template of you. We exist here, you stem from here. Now you are planting yourselves into this most natural existence of being. As you continue to feel the homecoming in yourselves, in your earthly vessel, you will begin to truly feel-cognise that the perceived darkness and fear was only ever alive and real as your mind was looping the stories.

Three days now since the mind grids were dislocated and the White Stags arrived. Their frequency came in to merge the mind/heart fully as one emanating resonance. The White Stags/ White Hart are maybe better known to you as the Divine Masculine Love.

Heart-mind source intelligence feels and yet it also thinks. The thinking is in relationship with the feeling now. Harmoniously.

Many will have experienced intense levels of head pressure as this was occurring for you. Releasing the grip of holding on to the remnants of old and anything in your reality which mirrored this. Everyone has choice.

Breathe, emanate, breathe, emanate
The excitement is rising in gratitude and joy. Your cells are re-cognising the purity incoming. Celebrate where you are with this.

Remember that source purity will feel different to what you have known as human heart love. The feel now consistently flowing through your body is all encompassing and may feel bigger and stronger as if you are expanding to house it. You are beloveds, you are. Breathe and let yourselves flow. Allow this stronger light of Love to flow. It is a constant stream.

Be gentle with yourselves as you fine tune to this expansion of being.
As your heart-mind anchors and adjusts, telepathy is coming online. We know many already practice this way of communicating, this will increase as your natural form of communication.
What else did you expect as your multidimensional guides unified with your higher self, in, through and as you?  You have been emptying your body, creating space for this to happen. You can now welcome it.

Is it any wonder in the outer reality of your known world you have been calling for truth, lifting the lid on many things hidden. You have been deeply journeying inside your self to do this, healing, praying, clearing DNA, activating greater amounts of its intelligence. It was, and still is part of this inbodiment to anchor the new you in union with the new reality.

If you didn’t go through knowing/seeing the differences between the truth of who you are and the lies that you were absorbing and invested in, you couldn’t have achieved this. It started in you.

Truth births truth. And truth is eternal, changeless.
We know that in these beginning stages of being in your new template, you may be somewhat overwhelmed. Breathe and emanate. You are fine tuning and will now only show up, speak up and be authentic in all ways. It is the new reality you have co-created.

You will all feel-cognise each other in a deeper way, not by memory of other times or places, but by the feel of each other. You all have the natural ability to neutralize any energies, thought forms or timelines which attempt to inhabit your space, of which are not aligned with you. You are each responsible now for your creations. Responsible being the ability to respond to the truth of your being. This is the group coherence of ascension. Each individual unified within and connected through heart-mind resonance.

As each stand in their power, a frequency vibration radiates which causes others to step into theirs. If this be their personal choice.
No more absorbing your environment, now you are emanating your soul signature co-creating New Earth. Trust yourselves, radiate and reveal yourselves through your hearts feel, intelligence and vision – all working together in commonUnity (community). You were always birthing your inner community and group consciousness first and foremost so it would radiate and create, unified and naturally aligned with the Divinity you are.

We are all emanating the heart of Creation.

The Hathors

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