Portal Chakras

Portal Chakras

Aside from the seven main chakras within your personal energetic body, there are also five other portals that serve also as anchor points and energetic vortices that connect you with the universe. The presence of being which makes up “you”, is not restrained or limited to your physical body, but rather exceeds it. Likewise, your energetic portals that run through your being are not restrained or limited to your physical body.

Eighth Chakra: Earth Chakra

Your eighth chakra lays three feet beneath the soil of the Earth – regardless of where you are. If you were to be traveling the stars, this chakra would still be within the Terra Firma. This chakra is your connection with the Earth Mother. It is your connection with the land, the animals, and the plant and animal kingdom. The Earth chakra connects you with the elemental forces and the nature spirits. Through this chakra you connect with the genetic lineage of your ancestors via your DNA. This chakra serves as an anchor which grounds all higher frequencies of light energy running through you and transmutes it. This chakra holds planetary memory and aligns you with planetary consciousness. This chakra is your key to the Living Library of the Earth Mother. This chakra governs the bones, teeth and DNA within your body. Your skeletal system is composed of hydroxylapatite crystals. The Earth Charka connects you with the Crystal Core of the Earth as well as the mineral kingdom – holding, receiving and transmitting energy back and forth from your DNA and bones to the crystal grids of the land. It is perceived as brownish in color – being a darker and heavier density than that of the red root chakra.

Ninth Chakra: Lunar Chakra

The ninth chakra is linked to lunar consciousness and resides above your crown chakra and links to the energies of the moon. The ninth chakra is connected to the energies of the divine feminine archetypes of the Goddess and is linked to your personal oversoul collective. This chakra is the chakra that the priestesses of old would tap into while drawing down the moon. It holds the power of secrecy, illusion and the great mysteries. Under a certain light it could be considered the death chakra, or rather the chakra of post-incarnation. It is through the ninth chakra that you channel information regarding your past lives, parallel lives and simultaneous lives. It is here that you can unite all of these incarnations for light work and manifestation purposes as well as. This chakra aids in past-life recall and understanding your karmic balance as accumulated through incarnations. This lunar chakra relates to your receptivity within life. It funnels and filter higher energies into your crown chakra, into your personal energy centers so that you do not blow a fuse . This chakra is also the chakra that your spirit guides and other higher beings communicate to you through. This is the chakra of invocation and channeling. The Lunar Chakra governs the fluids in the body, particularly blood. It is perceived as white and silver.

Tenth Chakra: Solar Chakra

Above the lunar chakra is the solar chakra. The tenth chakra is linked to solar consciousness and connects you with your resident star, Sol. This tenth chakra is connected to the energies of the divine masculine archetypes of the God and is linked with your Higher Self. This solar chakra relates to your ability to form your desires into reality through will. This is the chakra of pre-life and when you connect with it you are able to access your soul-contracts and understand what your Higher Self intends for you to learn and experience. It is through this chakra that you can align with your Higher Self and modify your soul contracts to remove blockages in your life or to create more for the purpose of greater growth at a faster pace. This chakra relates to the structure and growth in your life. The sun is the seat of the knowledge within your solar system. It contains the information and records of all that has transpired within every planet and satellite within its domain and it is through the tenth chakra that you access this information. The solar chakra is the chakra of revelation and gnosis. This chakra governs the electricity within your body. It is perceived as golden in color.

Eleventh Chakra: Galactic Chakra

The eleventh chakra is linked to the galactic consciousness of Hunab Ku, the Galactic Center in the heart of the Milky Way. It is through this chakra that you connect with the ascended star nations as well as the history of all that has transpired within your galaxy. It is through this portal that you receive transmissions from the star nations, the angelic realms and access the Akashic Records. Connection with this chakra allows a greater understanding of the universe and the dimensional frameworks in which the galaxy operates with. It allows you to swing back and forth upon the spirals of density and time travel to the past and future, since it is connected to a density outside of the concepts of time. It is through this chakra that all great prophecy is created, fulfilled or nullified. This chakra governs the atomic makeup of your body and is perceived as a luminous mix of gold, silver and amethyst violet.

Twelfth Chakra: Universal Chakra

The twelfth chakra is linked to the universal consciousness of Great Spirit. This is the chakra of mastery. This chakra is tied to the collective unconscious of everything that spans within your universal sphere from form and matter to formless and energetic. This is the chakra of miracles, the chakra that allows you to bend the rules of reality completely and allow divine intervention. This is the chakra of God-consciousness and full enlightenment. It is the hidden light and governs the photons and all other quanta particles of all things. It is the Great Observer and the Observed. This chakra is composed of various orbs, sparks and swirls of lights of every perceivable and unperceivable spectrum and operates as one fluid, cohesive and collective chakra point. It is through this chakra that Great Spirit inhales and exhales – where knowledge is instantly transmitted and received through entanglement.

– Noctua

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