I am Another You

I am Another You

Life is meant to be easy. Your life is meant to be of love and laughter, abundance and fulfilment. What keeps you from these things is your old emotional baggage, your belief about reality, and your fear that you are not worthy. Every time you find yourself in a struggle you are in a place of fear. Each time you refuse to deal with an emotional issue in the now moment you are adding to your emotional baggage. If you will not examine your belief structures and fears and deal with the emotions, you limit yourself to a most confining prison. Each NOW is another opportunity for you to choose how it may be for you.

Unity on your Earth may occur only when you will grant equality and validity to the diversity which exists within your peoples. This does not mean that you must be in agreement or that you should all be the same. It is to recognize that each person is a unique flavour of the Mind of Creation. There is only now. And what you regard to be the future is limitless possibilities. You are limitless beings.

Imagine a string of light from your heart connecting you to every other human upon your plane. Now imagine many strings of light connecting you to every tree, blade of grass, insect and animal. From your crown, see a golden thread, which goes forth to the stars, connecting you to every being on every planet of the universes and all the dimensions. Let that feeling resonate in your heart, so you will know how it is to be in non-separation.

The Self that you really are is more than your waking or sleeping self, more than the emotions you experience in your day to days. The next time you are angry, be still and ask yourself, ‘Who is angry?’ The next time you are frustrated, or unhappy, be still and ask yourself, ‘Who is frustrated?’ ‘Who is unhappy?’ Just be still and listen. Feel the SELF of you. The SELF is not angry, frustrated or unhappy.

Who you are at this moment is perfection. Perfection. Who you are is a jewel called a facet of God/Goddess, All-That-Is, else you would not be here. Do you know you have never made a wrong decision? You have never had a thought which was being judged by that which is called the God/Goddess, All-That-Is. You have truly never had a wrong action. All of those things that you thought about yourself in your quietest moments, it is only your judgment. There is no judgment out here. None. No judgment out here. Who you are is perfection unto infinity and who you are, indeed, is truly not separated from anybody, anything and, certainly, not from what you understand to be God. That is very good news, indeed, hmm?”

– P’taah 

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