Frequency of Light

Frequency of Light

Everything above the frequency of light is consciousness. You see it is a misapprehension that your scientists have lived with for quite some time, that nothing is faster than the speed of light. It is not so. And when your scientists come into the knowing of travel throughout the galaxies, they will understand that to travel in hyperspace, one would travel many times faster than the speed of light; so that one may place oneself throughout the galaxies within seconds. Thought takes no time to get anywhere – thought is not in time. Thought does not occupy space. It is truly that the star-people are your brothers and sisters.

There has never been a time when there has been no interactions between the people of your planet and the people of other planets. In spite of the desire of most of you to experience conscious communication with the star-people, there is much fear engendered, and so for that, and many reasons, these communications are usually erased from conscious memory. Soon the memories will be reignited, and the humanity on this planet will take its place with the humanities of other star systems in a great federation. You know, you are all eagerly awaited.

Remember that as the consciousness in humanity is expanding and growing to the light. So it is that the opposite is showing its face more and more. The people are coming to know they cannot hide from who they are. Not any of you. There is no escape, beloved ones. 

You are all coming to realize that the only way you will create the change is by knowing who you are. All of the knowing is within you. You are not separate from that which you call God/Goddess, All That Is. You are not separate from that which is your light-beingness, your soul energy. This soul energy is likened unto a grand golden ladder or thread that exists through eternity. That is you, and you are unique. You are indeed a tone, a vibrational frequency with sound and color, unique, recognizable in the multiverses, each the most beauteous jewel in the crown of divinity.

You are all grand spiritual beings choosing this dimension of reality. In the eons of time that you have incarnated in physical reality, you have been so caught up in the intensity of this sensual experience called life that you have forgotten who you are. But you know, it is only you who have forgotten. In the unseen realities there are millions, myriads of beings who have not forgotten who you are – who are waiting, indeed, for that which be third density humanity to come into the realms of ‘no-separation’. That you may be knowing of your own God-hood, and in that knowing, still experience physical reality – although it will be a different reality, because it will be of higher vibratory frequency, where every atom and molecule gives forth the light of its being.

– P’taah

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