Free from the World

Free from the World

Free means free from fears, doubts, anxieties and negative emotions... free from prejudices, preconceptions, from a wretched description of the world... Free from every limit... free from falsehood... The belief that there's a reality outside you has made the world your boss... Hypnotised by the mirror's reflection, you still search for security in the eyes of others. 

Dependence is fear. You are the only obstacle to everything you desire.

In order to escape your condition, to emerge from the prison of roles, you have to overturn your vision. 

Focus all your attention on Now and nothing will ever be impossible to you. Now is the seed of the Universe. All possibilities are in the Now.

Seeing and believing are one and the same thing. In time you will see everything you believe in and you will realize everything that you dream. Everything is here now. Believe.

- Stefano D'Anna

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