Earth Heart

Earth Heart

The only way the universe has of storing in-form-ation is by keeping the pressure dancing in a flow around a focal point. You remember what gets burned in. We are saying that something physically happens in the plumbing of all things when we simply place our attention into any “thing.” But why is this?

Remember, seeing anything is to establish relationship with it. If everything is relative then when I see a blue book, what I make by my looking there is relationship. Establishing relationship makes ratio. If you get into physics, you learn that in an absolute sense, we don’t have scale, only ratio. We could be moving away from each other right now at the speed of light, because only our relative position is ever perceived.

Let’s look at consciousness as an attractor. An attractor is something that draws things into its pattern. The job light waves have in making matter/fire/memory is to remember how to be drawn into pattern. But what draws light into a pattern? We know that pattern is ratio and that matter is a wave nest for light, but what put the pattern there?

Light in straight lines does not make pattern (memory), because it never comes back around to re-member. So in order to store the inertia in light, you need to bend it into a circle. Only circular or gyroscopic motion will produce inertia. Mass is measured in physics only by inertia. So persuading light to go from a line into a circle creates mass. Mass is like little gyroscopes remembering to be still because they are spinning around a center of gravity which they created.

Now we just said that choosing the place which is still creates matter and we implied that attention creates matter. Now we are saying that creating spin around a still center creates matter. What matters? Stillness or spin? Spin creates stillness in the flow, which is the illusion of nodes and matter, while stillness in the flow creates spin. How weird to think there are two kinds of matter: matter and doesn’t matter. Was there ever any data suggesting there was more than one substance in the universe? The one flow bubbles up in different shapes. The “fundamental” forces are no more separate than the light and sound in a sonic-optic hologram. Nor are they more different in substance than the electromagnetism from the gravity in a magnetic monopole which “creates” gravity. Gravity is the symmetry possibility of flow between frequencies. It is a heterodyne interference beat among cascading waves. This fractal fit of the big wave into the little one is why the symmetry of the electron shell is a fractal of the symmetry of the nucleus. This makes gravity in the cascade.

Gravity is the vortex made possible by spin symmetry. The language of physics is just a bit impoverished when describing the scalar relationship of fields moving coherently between frequencies, worlds, dimensions, or axes of spin. So physics has left us without a center of gravity when it comes to understanding the vortex attractor  gravity.

from the ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART by Dan Winter

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