DNA Activation

DNA Activation

“It’s magnetics wrapped around magnetics all in this interdimensional soup you thought was just biology. The cellular structure vibrates at hundreds of thousands of vibrations/second. The choir sings to other cells in complex ways … and they respond as though they had instructions … they sing in a harmony that is complex but specific to each organ and system … you can call it whatever you want, but that is the angel inside singing the correct tunes to the cells.

Your interdimensional DNA isn’t static. It’s changing every day of your life. What do you allow? What don’t you allow? What kind of vibration are you taking on… or fighting from developing? The DNA responds and changes accordingly. This has always been a dynamic system. DNA is not set for life. The blueprint of layer one may be your biological “fingerprint,” but the other layers are always in motion. If you change the others enough, then even the one you can see will change.

There may be metaphysical historians in years to come who will look back on this time, and they’ll say, “This is when Humans started to take control over themselves. It was when they discovered that Human consciousness was palatable, a powerful attribute of profound energy on the playing field of Earth energies, an energy that allowed Human Beings to speak to nature and to their cellular structures, and actually physically change them.”

– Kryon

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