Dimensional Evolution

Dimensional Evolution

Your emotional body is a field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. When something activates your emotional body it begins to vibrate in specific ratios setting off “energy flows”, which stream around and through your physical body. If these flows are strong enough, these flows can be physically felt within the tissues of your body. Thus, the stronger the feeling response, the stronger the physical sensation will be. One of the keys to the ascension process, from an energetic standpoint, is to allow your energy fields to open and move freely. The ability to move more energy and to master positive movement of that energy comes through the cultivation of your feeling nature.

There are those who say that all of your problems will be magically and instantaneously solved when you enter into higher dimensions. This is not our experience. It is just that the challenges are different. The opportunities are also different, because you are not confined by the limitations of space and time as you experience them in your current embodied reality. This gives you greater opportunities for creativity and what we call “dimensional evolution.”

Dimensional evolution is the development of the ability to be aware of, and operate within, multiple dimensions simultaneously. The journey to this state of mastery can indeed be a long and convoluted one, because it involves living in a specific dimensional reality through direct experience. For instance, your current embodied life is—from the standpoint of dimensional evolution—an opportunity to master the third and fourth dimensions. It is also an opportunity to experience higher dimensions while simultaneously living an embodied existence. A life lived in this manner rapidly accelerates dimensional evolution, and this message is coded with multiple levels of information for those of you that have entered this radical way of being.

From our perspective, you possess a form that is human-like up through the ninth dimension. Each successive dimension of consciousness is subtler (less dense) than the one before it. For those who enter the tenth dimension, form, as you know it, disappears completely, and you become more geometric in nature.

When we enter the tenth dimension we become spheres. We are not the spheres that show up in photographs that some people refer to as orbs. True orbs, as opposed to photographic artifacts or hoaxes, are interdimensional beings that have spherical geometry. And if you look more closely these spheres will reveal complex labyrinths inside. The spherical nature of interdimensional beings is a commonality, and many different types of beings have this geometric form.

It is possible to be in deep communion with the Divine, to feel completely at home in consciousness and still be embodied. It is not necessary to leave Earth in order to go “home”, for home is a state of consciousness, a state of connectedness generated from within yourself.

In our experience of ourselves through all dimensions we remain unique individuals, and the higher dimensions of our being do not obliterate our uniqueness but rather present greater opportunities for creation

The Hathors – Tom Kenyon

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