Conscious Cocreation from the Heart Connected to the Mind

Conscious Cocreation from the Heart Connected to the Mind

Creating from the Heart

Creating from the Heart People have prayed to God to change the outer world’s circumstances since the beginning of our awareness that God exists, but it seems as if God does not always listen to our prayers. Why? Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why does God not give us what we ask? In the Bible it says, “Ask, and you shall receive.” But still it does not seem to happen. Perhaps what follows will provide an answer.

Let’s talk about creation and creating. We are often taught both in school and at home that we are at the mercy of the elements and the random effects of the laws of physics. And of course, if you believe this to be true, then you are limited by this belief and it becomes your reality.

But long ago, people didn’t think in this manner. They believed in a spiritual side to reality where the human spirit could change the outer reality by an inner intention. In The Isaiah Effect, Gregg Braden reports on how in 194 7 archaeologists found a document near the Dead Sea Scrolls called the Isaiah Scroll. The ancient Isaiah Scroll describes how humans have the power to influence future possibilities and prophecies and to change the world around us from within us.

Today, our techno-culture thinks this is fantasy. But is it? If we cannot influence the present and the future, then everything Jesus said to us has to be false. Didn’t Jesus perform incredible feats such as changing the molecular construction of water into wine? He even brought a person back from the dead and made him alive again! Modern science believes that these kinds of stories are just that, stories, for there is little in science that supports such ideas. Jesus said to us, “I say unto you, he that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do.” So what about the new children who are emerging all over the world? They are able to do the kinds of things Jesus could do. and science has documented this in such prestigious and popular periodicals as Nature Journal and Omni Magazine. Scientists do not know how these children can create such amazing psychic phenomena, but they record that they are doing it. This is a fact. So how does the sacred space of the heart fit in with all this? Before I can explain, we must first look at how the mind creates a miracle and then compare this to how the sacred space of the heart does it.

Creating from the Mind

Often, when you pray to God for something you feel that is needed, nothing happens. The Isaiah Effect makes it clear why that is so. The ancient scrolls say that any miracle begins with attention, or focus of the mind—you place your mind’s attention on what it is you want to see happen. For example, let’s say you want to heal yourself of a dreaded disease and therefore focus your thoughts on healing this particular part of your body. Of course, that is not enough for anything to actually happen, but it is an essential step to begin the healing process.

Conscious Cocreation  from the Heart Connected to the Mind

After the attention, you add intention. To continue our example, after you’ve placed your attention on the affected part of your body, you then have the intention of the disease going away. But this is not enough, either. Three other parts must be involved or nothing happens—the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body.

The mental body, or mind, must see the body part being healed; it must hold the image of the body part being completely healed and healthy, with nothing wrong at all. And it must know for certain that this healing either is taking place now or that it will take place over a specific time frame, depending on what you can accept. Can you accept an instantaneous healing or does your belief pattern need more time? This knowing is essential, but still it is not enough.

Next the emotional body must engage. One must feel the emotion of what it will be like to be completely healthy, no longer having the disease. You must actually feel this emotion and not just have your mind thinking it is feeling the emotion. This is a tricky part for many, but without the emotional body engaged, absolutely nothing will happen.

And still it is not enough. You could be praying to be healed; your attention could be fully on the disease; your intention could be that the disease is healed; your mind could know that your body is either healed or going to be healed; and your emotional body could be feeling the emotion—say, joy—as if your body was completely healthy. But as long as the last and third part has not been engaged, nothing will happen.

How many people have prayed for something using all the above, just knowing it will happen, crying for hours for it to happen and still—nothing. This is because the last part has not been brought into the equation. It is the part that almost everyone forgets or doesn’t recognize.

The final part, the forgotten aspect, is the physical body. In our example, you must feel the part of your body being completely normal and healed. This does not mean feeling a mental pattern or consciousness searching within the body. Rather, this means having actual body sensations where you feel your body responding. You feel no more pain; instead you feel vitality in the area of your body you are focusing on. You feel the health and beauty of your body. When this final step of the body responding begins, the miracle will always follow.

But there is more, which was not discussed in the Isaiah Effect, for what Thoth is saying is that when we create from the mind, we create both polarities of our intention. So if we pray for peace, for example, we get both peace and war. This is exactly what we see in this world today. Millions, if not billions of people are praying for and wanting peace, but what we have are areas of the world in peace and areas of the world in war, all mingled together. (At the moment, forty-six wars are going on.) So let’s look at this situation even deeper.

Logic versus Feelings and Emotions

The mind creates by using thoughts, and the thoughts follow one another using logic. And so in whatever the mind creates, you can logically follow the path of how the reality has been transformed from one state to another. Even if it is a miracle, it still will have a logical sequence if you can find it. But, as I have said, it will always generate both sides of the polarity of the original intention.

The heart, however, is completely different. The heart creates through dreams and images, and these manifest through feelings and emotions. This form of creation does not use logic and therefore does not have to be logical to get from one state to another. If you are praying for rain using the heart, for example, it could start raining immediately even if there were no clouds in the sky only moments before. It is just like dreams, where you may find yourself in Italy in one scene and seconds later you are in Canada in a completely different scene. How did you get from Italy to Canada in a couple of seconds? Of course, we accept this happening in our dreams, but we think it is impossible in the 3D world. Perhaps it is not?!

Dream a Dream of a New World

One of the last pieces of information you need to consciously cocreate lies in the experiential realization that no matter how it appears to you, within the sacred space of the heart there will always be a direct connection back to the 3-D reality of the stars and planets. Sometimes this connection will not present itself immediately, but if you continue to enter your heart, you will find it.
This is very important, since it is this connection back to the stars and planets that allows the dreams of the heart to manifest in this world. So before you begin to manifest from within the sacred space of the heart, find the connection back to this world through the stars and planets so you know the truth. So I ask you to go into your sacred space of the heart and merge your heart with your Mer-Ka-Ba field and begin dreaming a dream of a new, healthy world. Apply all you know to consciously cocreate with God a new body, a new life and finally a new world. This power is your birthright and your heritage, for you are the son or daughter of God. From within your intimate relationship with God, all things are possible.

These instructions are a pathway to the realization that your body is light and the world you live within is light, and that both are directly connected to your consciousness. Living within your heart surrounded by the energy field of your Mer-Ka-Ba, living and creating from this holy place—this is the next step toward finally realizing the truth of who you really are and the beginning of the fulfillment of your sacred purpose for existing. At this point, you will certainly realize that you are in the process of ascension into heaven . . . And I want to close with the words of an old friend of us all:

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Perhaps some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.” —John Lennon

by Drunvalo Melchizedek from the book “Living in the Heart”

Image credits:Ellen Vaman
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