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Spiralling Equilateral Triangles Gold 24k Gold Plated

Spiralling Equilateral Triangles Gold 24k Gold Plated

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The Spiralling Equilateral Triangles is a 3.3 inch (8.5 cm New Size) base pocket size Tool that is Gold 24k plated.

The Spiralling Equilateral Triangle is the symbol of the infinite journey of the Soul.

The triangle is a unit, each part of the triangle is a unit, hence, it follows that every part manifests the whole. Seen in motion the triangle measures the arc of the pendulum, these successive arcs make the circle and the circle marks Infinity. This idea of the unit in connection with motion and form gives the idea of motionless and formless as manifested truth. Form and motion involve change, the unit cannot change.

To express the truth of the triangle, is to manifest the supreme energy of the universe, and that means the bringing of the line of life in ourselves into the line of truth in ourselves. This is the true work of existence.

It comes with a pouch for you to carry your tool in.

*The Tool doesn't include the crystal


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