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Raw Moldavite Cuff Sterling Silver 925

Raw Moldavite Cuff Sterling Silver 925

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One of a Kind, Raw Gorgeous and powerful Moldavite Cuff made with Sterling Silver 925

Moldavite is a tektite, meaning "terrestrial debris" that found its way on earth after a meteoric explosion into the earth. Moldavite is the Stone of Transformation. This precious stone drives you to dive deep within yourself and affords you the clarity to observe with clarity and purpose. The barriers that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose are lifted or seen from new perspectives. Moldavite is a stone that finds you when you are ready for the next step in your life's journey. Moldavite is high frequency. Many find its vibration to be intensely transformational. Moldavite can be a catalyst for profound life changes like no other stone.  This Tektite is known for everything from cleansing the physical body to allowing access to spiritual breakthroughs. The common denominator of experiences wits acceleration of one’s spiritual growth.

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