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Black Onyx Necklace Sterling Silver 925

Black Onyx Necklace Sterling Silver 925

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Black Onyx Necklace Sterling made Silver 925 comes with a  silver 925 chain.

Black Onyx is a stone of protection and strength. Onyx is associated with the root chakra, which is the energy center that governs our sense of safety and security.

Onyx is the “Gem of Saturn.” Saturn is the planet of Karma, which is the ruler of the universal law of cause and effect. 

Onyx is the master stone to work with for really understanding your Karma, Dharma, and Moksha. Moksha means liberation from the cycle of Samsara, the period of birth, death, and rebirth, leading to a life of perfect bliss. When you achieve Moksha, you will be able to feel a greater connection to the divine.

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